Chen Tai Chi

Chen Tai Chi 

We offer authentic Chen Tai Chi (Taiji) from Chen Zhao Kui lineage in Houston Texas. Chen Zhao Kui was the son of Chen Fa Ke. There is only one recorded disciple of Chen Zhao Kui and that is Cheng Jin Cai.

Chen  Taiji starts as an internal martial art then evolves to external.  It  is a complete martial art system that focuses on the Yin (soft) and Yang  (hard) aspect.  Internal martial arts focus on strengthening the body internally (organ, bone, tendons) first before developing the definition  of the body.  Chen Taiji is designed for close quarter combat with  multiple opponents.

Each barehand form has it specific purpose to train and help develop skills using  the principles of Tai Chi.  Each movement in Chen Tai Chi has a martial application.  Each form has Chin Na within it.  Chin Na are joint locks to control an opponent through submission.

We also have weapon forms that teaches you the theories and principles of Tai Chi.

Once you train and master Chen Taiji, all the other styles of Tai Chi are easier to learn.  An EXPERIENCED Chen Tai Chi Master can show you how other styles such as Yang, Wu, Wu Hao or other styles deviated from Chen Tai Chi and which principles or theories of Chen Tai Chi can help you advance in these other styles.

Chen Zhao Kui