Intro to Tai Chi

All Tai Chi movements consist of 5 kinds of step and 8 Basic Methods.

The BaFa or Eight Basic Method of Tai Chi is often misinterpreted to be called Eight Energies or Postures.  This is wrong!  These are methods or principles of Tai Chi not energies or postures.

This 4 hour long workshop covers the 13 Fundamentals of Tai Chi which includes the 5 Footworks and the 8 Basic Methods.  The 5 Footworks is a very famous poem or rhyme in Tai Chi.  Unfortunately no master has bothered deciphering this except for Master Wong. 

The 5 Footworks has three purposes.  First to learn how to engage your opponent through stepping.  Then to use the stepping for self defense.  Lastly, learn to use it as a form of Qi Gong.

These 13 Concepts are foundations that must be included in Tai Chi to do Tai Chi properly.  The 13 Fundamentals are broken up into 3 forms to help the practitioner remember it.

These Eight Basic Methods are from the direct lineage of Chen Zhao Kui, son of Chen Fa-Ke taught by GM Cheng Jin Cai who was the ONLY disciple of Chen Zhao Kui. Chen Zhao Kui had no other disciple because of his short-lived time on Earth. No other Chen Tai Chi master teaches these authentic Eight Basic Methods of Chen Tai Chi.

Chen Fa-Ke – 17th Generation Grandmaster———–>
Chen Zhao Kui – 18th Generation Grandmaster (Son of Chen Fa Ke)————>
Cheng Jin Cai – 19th Generation Grandmaster (the only disciple of Chen Zhao Kui)

These movements have simple self defense applications along with using the movements to heal the body.  You will learn to move Qi or the healing effect of Qi Gong in these Tai Chi movements.  Afterwards the practitioner will feel warm and loose as if energy moved throughout different parts of the body.