Tai Chi

Tai Chi (Taiji)

All Tai Chi are not the same.  There are many FREE Tai Chi at parks or community centers. Unfortunately these Tai Chi are NOT real. These kind of Tai Chi is about memorizing movements that has no healing or self defense capabilities.

At Bellaire Yoga Tai Chi, we value tradition and quality training.  Our instructors have decades of training. We offer Authentic Tai Chi that can heal or be used for self defense. You can ACTUALLY FEEL these energies (Qi) moving in your body & healing effect when you do Tai Chi with us.

You will be taught the Fundamentals of Tai Chi to progress your training and NOT just memorizing useless forms. Please visit ArtofTaiji.com to better understand what Tai Chi is.

Tai Chi movements can also be used for healing.  The deeper and higher level of training is to use the movements of Tai Chi to move the Qi in the body for healing.  A high-level, Tai Chi master can guide someone to use the movements for healing or for rehabilitation.

Our Tai Chi programs taught by Master Wong includes self defense with Tai Chi, Push-Hands, Silk Reeling, Tai Chi swords, Tai Chi staff and Tai Chi Pole-Shaking.

logo 3.5Tai Chi  is a non-aggresive martial art that teaches you to understand yourself.  Tai Chi focuses on grace, harmony, and self control (inner peace.)  Taiji is continuous and everflowing, unrestrained and expressive.  Tai Chi teaches you how to strengthen your own body through your own energy called Qi.  Tai Chi strengthen and conditions the body while also building flexibility and coordination.

The initial stage in Tai Chi is for health by circulating qi in the body through slow, continuous, & fluid movements.  This is done in conjunction with proper breathing, which helps build stamina.  It is very important to know when to exhale & inhale.  The slow flowing movement is to help one understand one’s body and muscle coordination.   When Tai Chi is done properly it is relaxing, mind calming, and  invigorating.  It is important that you follow an experienced instructor  to guide you through Tai Chi.

There are many health benefits with Tai Chi.  Tai Chi helps reduce stress. Tai Chi increases joint mobility, flexibility, strengthen tendons, and organs of the body.  Tai Chi improves circulation, coordination, and balance.

Three stages of Tai Chi
1. The initial stage in Tai Chi is for health by circulating Qi in the body.
2. The second stage is conditioning the body to gain strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and coordination.
3. Once the body is conditioned, the martial arts or self defense application is the later stage.

As a practitioner, you have the choice on how far you want to go with Taiji.

black & whiteBalance withIN yourself.

Mastering Tai Chi is about mastering yourself.  Using VIRTUES to guide you to a deeper understanding of Tai Chi.  Understanding your internal and external conflict to find balance.

A True Master will help you comprehend this concept.

Which Style of Tai Chi is BEST for you?

There are many styles of Tai Chi but they all originated from Chen Tai Chi.
We offer two styles of Tai Chi.  We offer Chen Tai Chi or Yang Tai Chi.yang tai chi senior

Yang Tai Chi

Yang Tai Chi evolved from Chen Tai Chi, which is named after its  creator Yang LuChan.  Yang LuChan was a secret disciple of Chen  ChangXing who taught Chen Tai Chi in Chen Village in the 1800s.  Yang Tai Chi is more simple and focuses more on the Yin (softer) side.  There are no abrupt  (Yang or hardness) aspect to it.  It is more for health so it is ideal  for seniors.

Chen Tai Chi  Taiji logo

Chen  Taiji starts as an internal martial art then evolves to external.  It  is a complete martial art system that focuses on the Yin (soft) and Yang  (hard) aspect.  Internal martial arts focus on strengthening the body internally (organ, bone, tendons) first before developing the definition  of the body.  Chen Taiji is designed for close quarter combat with  multiple opponents.

Each form has it specific purpose to train and help develop skills using  the principles of Tai Chi.  Each movement in Chen Tai Chi has a martial  application.  Each form has Chin Na within it.  Chin Na are joint locks to control an opponent through submission.

Once you train and master Chen Taiji, all the other styles of Tai Chi are easier to learn.  An EXPERIENCED Chen Master can show you how other styles such as Yang, Wu, Wu Hao or other styles deviated and their main foundation of those styles.

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