Classes & Fees

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Monthly Tuitions are DUE at the beginning of the month. There are no refunds on missed classes.

Full-Time STUDENT DISCOUNT (enrolled in Universities or Community Colleges!)  Show your student ID and get a 20% off group classes.  Get an extra 5% off for having 3.5GPA or higher!

Limited number per class. Please call to enroll. All of my classes are small so I can devote my time to train my students.

Group Classes$15 Registration(One Time Fee)
Yang Tai Chi$80/month
Chen Tai Chi$100/month
Tai Chi Straight Sword$70/monthCall for Availability
Tai Chi Broadsword (Straight or Double)$70/monthCall for Availability
PUSH HANDS/Chin Na Class (w/ Chen Tai Chi class) Prerequisite: Chen Tai Chi classes$30/month
QiGong (Meditation)$25/class
Private Lessons (One-on-one training at OUR location)
Yang Tai Chi$120/hour
Chen Tai Chi$120/hour
Meditation (Sitting QiGong)$120/hour
Basic QiGong$120/hour
Intermediate QiGong$160/hour
Advanced QiGong$200/hour
Consultation$20/each 20 minutes
Traveling FeeVaries
Corporate Group ClassesCall for PricingAvailable at our studio or at your location
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Bagua private lessons$60/hour
Bagua group classes (3 or more students)$20 per person

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