Throughout human history of the Eastern world, Daoist monks, Buddhist monks, martial art masters all practice meditation. Our instructors have learned to practice the same traditional method of meditation passed down by their previous masters.

At Bellaire Yoga Tai Chi, we focus on the traditional method of meditation and not New Age meditation or low level methods of visualization.

*Calming the Mind (Peace, Serenity & Tranquility)
*Reorganize Thoughts for better Focus
*Mind & Body Awareness
*Purge Negative Thoughts

Advance Level training of Meditation:
*Regulate body functions such as Digestion
*Self Healing by moving the Qi
*Spiritual Awakening (Connection with your Surroundings & the universe)

True meditation is a form of Sitting Qi Gong. For most people this is not understood because throughout the years the true teaching of meditation has been watered down or lost. Some of the more famous Sitting Qi Gong is the Himalayan Buddhist monk with Tummo breathing.

Meditation starts with Breathing. Learning how to breathe is the most important first step to meditation.

Second is about channeling energy to calm the mind by moving it away from the brain. Then the breathing can also be used to move Qi to heal the body and regulate normal body function.

When you are in deep meditative state you don’t need any form of music or sounds to be in this tranquility.