Qi Gong Stretches

These are stretches that designed to allow Qi to move into the joints therefore promoting blood as well.

Special Qi Gong stretches were guarded secrets among the Tai Chi masters and a few other martial art schools. Many martial art masters especially Tai Chi masters reserved these teachings to the most loyal students. These special stretches are designed to help loosen up the joints and move the Qi into the joints quickly so they can advance faster in their training.

Developing flexibility is the most important concept in Tai Chi. Tai Chi emphasizes flexibility before power.

Gradually the practitioner will develop looser and more flexibility in the joints by moving Qi in to the joints. The sensation is noticed after class. Others that are more sensitive to their body will noticed Qi sensation immediately.

Doing these Qi Gong stretches also prevent arthritis and inflammation in the joints.

Sometimes people will mistaken these stretches as yoga because they are so similar especially when done on the floor.

More advanced Qi Gong stretches help develop power and strength in the legs and other parts of the body such as Yi Jin Jing. Yi Jin Jing was the special Qi Gong that includes unique stretches developed by Da Mo, an Indian monk that visited the Shaolin temple. Only a small handful of masters still know these ancient secrets of Yi Jin Jing.