Qi Gong / Meditation

The Chinese believe that every living organism contains Qi (“chee”) and that this essential energy of the universe is what help maintains the vital activities of life through interaction of matter. Qi has the ability to manipulate and move matter.

Qi means energy. Gong means exercises in Chinese. Qi Gong means “energy exercises.”

QiGong are exercises coordinated with breathing that help improve the body function. If done properly, QiGong enhances the body’s energy and stamina through proper breathing. It is a way of cultivating energy to heal and recharge the body. Each form is unique to strengthen one or two organs that also helps lubricate joints. Because of the slow and harmonious movements, QiGong strengthens self awareness of one’s body that can calm the mind to relieve stress and build self confidence.  QiGong movements are very simple and are great for every day work out. The fundamental principles of QiGong are according to how energy travels along these channels and its connection to the organs. By manipulating these energies, one can regulate body and organ function. It is the same theory as acupuncture.

A good instructor teaches you to sense your Qi (energy) and where to focus the energy through proper respiration. The results are immediate and can be felt by the practitioner.

QiGong can be moving or non-moving. Tai Chi is a moving QiGong and there are non-moving QiGong like Sitting Meditation. Sitting Meditation is a more advanced form of QiGong.

Qi Gong can involve movements, breathing, stretching to move the Qi in the body or more rarely replenish the essential substance of the body such as hormones and blood.

Meditative Breathing, Dan Tian Breathing, Skin Breathing, Turtle Shell Breathing, Eight Brochades (Ba Duan Jin,) Bone Marrow Washing, Tendon Changing Exercises (Yi Jin Jing) are just a few of the classical QiGong taught with our instructor.

These gentle exercises are great for all ages including seniors.  They can greatly improve health when done properly with an experienced instructor.