We offer monthly events that are on the weekends.  These are deep comprehensive workshops about Tai Chi or QiGong.  Some are several hours long.

Our Workshops are displayed on the left under the MAP.

Please visit this page for available workshops every month.  Please call to inquire about our workshops or to pre-pay with a credit card.  To reserve your spot you must pre-pay.  Workshops are more if pay at the door.

There are NO Refunds if you miss the workshops.  Only credit will be issued.


Here are just a few of the workshops available.

Activating & Decalcifying the Pineal Gland
The Pineal Gland is very important in brain & body development. This workshop will help you learn to how to activate the Pineal Gland & decalcify it.

Simplified Abdominal Breathing
Everything starts with Simplified Abdominal Breathing. This kind of breathing must be learned first before progressing to meditation or Qi Gong. Once you master this kind of breathing, then you progress to more advance breathing techniques.

Modified Abdominal Breathing
Prerequisite:  Simplified Abdominal Breathing.

Abdominal Breathing is the core to ALL QiGong.  Learn to properly breathe to create Qi or Prana. Then learn to use this Qi to energize and heal yourself. Learn to speed up your metabolism with this breathing technique. Learn to harness Qi to move along acupuncture meridians to preserve your health.

This is a modified version of Grandmaster Yang Jwing Ming’s Abdominal Breathing taught only by Master Edward Wong.  It is much stronger in creating Qi in the Dan Tian.

Understand the theory and the relationship with QiGong and acupuncture.

This is the foundation for meditation or Sitting QiGong that will help you calm down and stay focus.

Regulating the Small Heavenly Circle & Grand Heavenly Circle
Prerequisite:  Modified Abdominal Breathing.

After understanding Abdominal Breathing to create Zhen (True) Qi in the body, regulating the Qi in the Small Heavenly Circle is imperative for health.  Small Heavenly Circle is also called Microcosmic Orbit.

Completing the Small Heavenly Circle is the most crucial cycle of the body.  Small Heavenly Circle connects two important channels of the body.  Small Heavenly Circle connects the Du (Governing) Channel and Ren (Conceptional) Channel.  These two channels act like reservoirs for Qi that also supply extra Qi to other regular and extra channels of the body.  All other channels of the body are dependent on the Qi from the Small Heavenly Circle.

Understanding how to move the energy in this cycle helps move the Qi & fluids to face and head.  Small Heavenly Circle is essential in regulating body temperature.  It also helps balance excess Qi in the body.  These excess Qi can be manifested as anxiety and chest pain such as from heart aches or breathing problems. Regulating the Ren helps induce relaxation with abdominal breathing.

Regulating the Small Heavenly Circle maintains essential body function and health.

This workshop will conclude with connecting the Small Heavenly Circle with the Grand Heavenly Circle.

MingMen aka Kidney Breathing
Prerequisite:  Modified Abdominal Breathing & Regulating the Small Heavenly Circle & Grand Heavenly Circle

After mastering Abdominal Breathing, MingMen breathing is essential.  This helps massage the kidney and continuously stimulate hormone production from the kidney.

This particular breathing allows you to breathe in irregular positions such as in a fetus position.