Every month, we offer deep comprehensive workshops about Tai Chi or QiGong on the weekends.  Some are several hours long.
Upcoming Workshops are displayed on the left under the MAP.

Please visit this page for available workshops every month.  Please call to inquire about our workshops or to pre-pay with a credit card.  To reserve your spot you must pre-pay.  Workshops are more if paid at the door.

NO Refunds if you miss the workshops.  Only credit will be issued.

Here are just a few of the workshops available.

Activating & Decalcifying the Pineal Gland
Prerequisite: Simplified Abdominal Breathing.

The Pineal Gland is very important in brain & body development. This workshop will help you learn to how to activate the Pineal Gland & decalcify it.

Simplified Abdominal Breathing
Everything starts with Simplified Abdominal Breathing. This kind of breathing must be learned first before progressing to meditation or Qi Gong. Once you master this kind of breathing, then you progress to more advance breathing techniques.

Modified Abdominal Breathing
Prerequisite:  Simplified Abdominal Breathing.

This is a modified version of Grandmaster Yang Jwing Ming’s Abdominal Breathing taught ONLY by Master Edward Wong!!  It is much stronger in creating Qi in the Dan Tian.

Regulating the Small Heavenly Circle & Grand Heavenly Circle
Prerequisite:  Modified Abdominal Breathing.

The Small Heavenly Circle can be regulated by many ways.  With breathing or movements then movements harmonized with breathing.  Then learn how to manifest Qi to the Grand Heavenly Circle.

Kidney Breathing
Prerequisite:  Modified Abdominal Breathing & Regulating the Small Heavenly Circle & Grand Heavenly Circle

Learn to breathe while lying down.  Then learn to regulate the hormones (jing) of the kidney with just breathing.  This particularly breathing has been one of those long lost knowledge revived by Master Wong.