Tai Chi Push Hands

There are several reasons why you want to learn Push Hands or Tui Shou.

First reason is to train yourself to be calm in a stressful situation. Tai Chi doesn’t work if you are letting stress make you tense and aggressive.

Second reason is for Self Defense.

Through our program you will be taught how to stay calm and relax in a hostile situation and how to use Tai Chi movements and theories for self defense. Some of these movements will teach you how to control your opponent through Chin Na (Qinna.)

It is always good to have good foundation and understanding of Tai Chi movement and theories before starting Push Hands. Developing your Teng Jing (Listening Energy) is the most important concept in Tai Chi Push Hands. Otherwise you will develop bad habits when engaging Push Hands. This is why you must train with a very experienced master so that theories can be taught to you.

These days Tai Chi Push Hands is a sport and many Kung Fu tournaments will include it. Unfortunately, many competitors have poor understanding of Push Hands or lack Tai Chi foundation and training so it becomes a shoveling match.

When done properly, Tai Chi Push Hands can also be FUN with the correct training and experienced Tai Chi practitioner!

Push Hands is very important in your Tai Chi training. Please check our monthly calendar on workshops offer for Push Hands or test yourself at a Push Hand meetup on Mondays!