Simplified Abdominal Breathing

This 1 hour workshop is presented with visual understanding plus handouts. Enhanced with simple techniques through decades of training by Master Edward Wong.

There is a natural way of breathing that helps create Zheng Qi in the body.  This kind of breathing is not openly shared among the Daoist and Chinese Martial Art community.  Learn how to breathe correctly to reduce stress, heal, regulate your metabolism and stay healthy. 

Simplified Abdominal Breathing is the most basic breathing method.  Then breathing gradually progresses to more complex breathing methods that regulate other energy channels of the body and for different goals.

Simplified Abdominal Breathing is the beginning to meditation.

This is one of Grandmaster Yang Jwing Ming version of Abdominal Breathing that he interpreted from many secret martial art and Qi Gong manuscripts with some additional guidance from Master Edward Wong who has been practicing this method for several decades.  Simplified Abdominal Breathing also regulates Small Heavenly Circle or Microcosmic Orbit.  Master Wong will correct mistakes made by participants.

Grandmaster Yang Jwing Ming made it his life journey to unravel the mystery and secrets to Chinese Martial Arts and Qi Gong.

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