Health Links

1. – Houston Acupuncture clinic
meeting all your healthcare needs, including the highest quality fish oil and vitamins

2.  Art of Taiji – Everything about Tai Chi

3.  Chen Tai Chi Association of Austin – Austin Chen Tai Chi group

4. – Understanding Acupuncture, herbal formulas, Traditional Chinese Medicine, cupping, moxibustion

5.  Health Ranger Store – Healthy Living Store
Organic, Non-GMO, Lab Tested, food supplements & more

6.  Slanted Flying – Online Journal of Tai Chi. Tai Chi news, information, and resources

7. The TRUTH About Big Pharma – Informative article exposing the corruption of the pharmaceutical industry

8. What to Know About Empty Nose Syndrome – The side effect of unnecessary nose surgery

9. Jack Ma’s Bodyguard: Master of Tai Chi – Tai Chi as the most well-known defensive martial art in China, used by the very wealthy

10. Dangers & Unhealthy Practice of Cold Plunge (Wim Hof practice) – Documented experience of a patient experience decline in health

11. Renz Lawfirm – Fighting Medical corruption, Government Corruption, Vaccine injuries

12. – The truth about cholesterol & Statin drugs

13. Healthy Heart, Healthy Brain & Cholesterol – Why you need Cholesterol in your body!

14. Teeth Extraction for braces can be Harmful with Long-term side effects! Find out the correct way to straighten teeth.