At Bellaire Yoga Tai Chi we specialize in helping seniors and athletes recover faster through our Rehab program in many areas.

Poor Circulation
Tai Chi and Qi Gong can easily help people with poor circulation.

Another article by John M. de Castro, Ph.D. showed how Tai Chi helped circulation for seniors.

A carefully devised plan through Private lesson can greatly help or eliminate:
*Cold body temperatures
*Raynaud’s Syndrome
*Carpal Tunnel

Sports Injuries
Sports injuries can take time to heal.  QiGong and Tai Chi can be used to speed up the healing process.  A carefully devised treatment plan with QiGong and Tai Chi is tailored for the recovery.

This recovery will help build:
*stronger bones

Cancer Care: Support and Recovery
Cancer Care QiGong can help reduce the side effects of chemo and radiation therapy such as:
*No appetite
*Weak digestion with diarrhea
*No bowel movement or compacted stool
*Muscle atrophy
*Low energy, fatigue
*Weak Immune system

Through years of working with cancer patients, Edward has helped many recover with just Qi Gong alone.

Long-term illness & Hospitalization Recovery
Long term illnesses can leave the body fragile.  Specialized QiGong can help the body recover faster and regain normal body function in a shorter time.  A carefully devised treatment plan for the individual is tailored for the recovery using specific QiGong.