Meditation for Focus & Concentration

This ancient form of meditation used by Buddhist monks in China is a must learn form of meditation to strengthen a person’s concentration and focus.

This method was mentioned by Grandmaster Yang Jwing Ming in the late 90’s when he was still frequently teaching workshops at Master Jeff Bolt’s Kung Fu School in Houston.

This version will be a Modified version taught by Master Wong by merging TCM theories and Qi Gong Theories. Master Wong is a licensed acupuncturist with 40+ years of Qi Gong experience.

Learning this method increases oxygen absorption to the brain.

GM Yang Jwing Ming theorized that this method helps activate the frontal lobes of the brain and reinforce the communication of the left and right lobes of the brain. Therefore will help with ADD & ADHD.

1. Simplified Abdominal Breathing
2. Modified Abdominal Breathing (suggessted)