Kidney Breathing

Prerequisite:  Modified Abdominal Breathing & Regulating the Small Heavenly Circle & Grand Heavenly Circle

Regulating the Qi in the body is very important.  However learning to regulate and refined the Essence or hormones of the body is even more important.  In TCM theory, essence (jing) of the body is before Qi.  This is the substance given to you by your two parents.  All the essential energy and essence are stored in the kidney and therefore the kidney is considered the Mother organ of all the other organs.  Learning how to tap into it and refining it is a crucial step to higher level of QiGong training.  You are only given so much essence when you are conceived. Learning how to conserve it is also part of the workshop.

After mastering Modified Abdominal Breathing, kidney breathing is essential.  This helps massage the kidney and continuously stimulate hormone production from the kidney.

This particular breathing allows you to breathe in irregular positions such as in a fetus position.

Like all our workshops, handouts will be given along with a detailed explanation in TCM theories and medical understanding.