Cloud Hands Workshop

Many people recognize this movement as a signature move in all Tai Chi styles. It is not just about waving your arms. The name “Cloud Hands” is given as symbolic meaning of the grace of Tai Chi movements when done correctly with the correct stepping and the coordination of hand movements. However many people do not know the proper application of Cloud Hands.

Master Wong breaks down the application of Cloud Hands for Defense and Counter-Attacks against an opponent with weapon or without weapons. This movement has ChinNa in it for controlling your opponent as well.

Included in this workshop is the understanding of how to coordinate your stepping with application of Cloud Hands at any angle of attack including from the back.

Cloud Hand is one of the most useful defensive movements in Tai Chi and should be the first self defense movement to learn and master.

1. Intro to Tai Chi
2. Chen Tai Chi 38 movement form
3. Yang Tai Chi 24 movement or other Yang Tai Chi forms taught by Master Wong.