Yi Jin Jing

Yi Jin Jing or Muscle Tendon Changing Exercises was created by an Indian Monk called Da Mo. Da Mo created Yi Jin Jing Qi Gong exercises to help the Shaolin monks to become the powerful warrior monks of Chinese history.

When Da Mo first visited the Shaolin monastery, he noticed that the Shaolin monks were weak and frail. The Shaolin monks were physically weak at this time because they were a sect of Buddhist monks that was thriving for spiritual growth and not martial arts. Da Mo made it an effort to strengthen the Shaolin monks. Da Mo secluded himself and meditated in a cave for several months to develop the 12 forms that is now called the Classical Yi Jin Jing. After the Shaolin monks gradually got stronger from doing Yi Jin Jing Qi Gong, they started cultivating different forms of martial arts of China in their training. The Shaolin monks became the heroes of China defending the weak and still provided a sanctuary for spiritual growth and enlightenment. They challenged the power of the corrupt monarch families and the emperors that eventually cause their downfall. GM Yang Jwing Ming has a good story to tell on this history.

The 12 forms of Yi Jin Jing stretches the tendons of the body to gradually condition the joints, strengthen the body and muscles. The original focus of Yi Jin Jing in modern time today has been lost. When the Shaolin monastery was destroyed by the Emperor, the true knowledge of Shaolin Yi Jin Jing has been lost and only a few masters know how to do the form correctly to create a sensation in the body of Qi powering up the body.

Taught correctly by Master Wong of the original intended purpose of Yi Jin Jing, these 12 forms are best done in the morning otherwise a person can not fall asleep because the body is charged with so much Qi.

*Charges the body with Qi (Energy) in muscle, tendon and joints
*Strengthen muscle, tendons and joints
*Strengthen Wei Qi (Immune System)
*An External Qi Gong (Wei Dan)
*Builds stamina.
*Precursor to Golden Bell Qi Gong or Ironmail Qi Gong

Yi Jin Jing is great as a morning stretch to prep the body for the day.
Ideal for athletes to prep body for games and competition.

Yi Jin Jing is great for Weight Loss too!
Doing Yi Jin Jig makes your muscle leaner!